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Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

What is a temporary residence permit and how to apply for it?

Temporary residence permit in Ukraine – a document confirming the right to long-term stay (residence) in the territory of Ukraine of a foreign citizen or stateless person, more than allowed by visa or regime 90/180.

A residence permit certifies the identity of a foreign citizen and gives the right to enter the territory of Ukraine.

Such a document can be issued for up to 3 years, with the right to renew (now the procedure is called exchange) for the same period.

Who needs a temporary residence permit in Ukraine?


Most often, a temporary residence permit is needed for people who are in Ukraine to conduct their business, work, volunteer, study, after marriage with a citizen of Ukraine, which lasts less than 2 years.

To cross the state border of Ukraine you will need to have two documents with you: a residence permit in Ukraine and a passport document

In addition, you can apply for a temporary residence permit: with the help of religious organizations, representative offices of foreign companies, representative offices (branches) of foreign banks registered in Ukraine, working as a correspondent or participating in international technical assistance projects.

And the innovation of 2018 – the founder of a company with an authorized capital of at least 100 thousand euros can get a residence permit in Ukraine.

Having a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, you can transfer your family to Ukraine: husband / wife, minor children, parents of retirement age.

How to apply for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine?

Faced with government bodies once, you will definitely lose the desire to return there. Paperwork is not such an easy process for citizens of Ukraine, not to mention foreigners. You will have to forget about all your affairs for some period of time, stand a long line, spend a lot of time and effort. And this is far from a guarantee that the result will be achieved.

You can apply for the exchange of a temporary residence permit no later than 15 working days before the end of the current

A foreigner must collect the necessary set of documents and submit to the appropriate department of the State Migration Service, while legally in Ukraine (do not exceed the period of stay 90/180 or apply for a visa type D).

Where to apply for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine?

Documents are submitted personally by the applicant, as this process includes the procedure for submitting biometric data. The whole process takes up to 15 business days, and you are not required to stay in Ukraine for the entire period, you can leave and return to receive it. As for the exchange (extension) of residence permit in Ukraine, it is very important not to miss the deadlines and submit the necessary documents to the migration service. Otherwise, you can’t do without leaving for a new visa!

It is also important, within 30 days after you have issued a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, to make a registration (registration of residence in Ukraine). Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine for administrative violation.

In order to avoid various problems that will negatively serve when considering your application and lead to the refusal to issue a temporary residence permit, we advise you to use the services of specialists.

In order to receive a free legal consultation regarding what documents are required to apply for a temporary residence permit, work permit, what are the requirements for extending the period of stay in Ukraine, how to apply for Ukrainian citizenship, as well as consultations of a migration lawyer on other issues that relate to Ukrainian migration legislation, you need to contact us by phone:

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Temporary residence permit in Ukraine can be issued for a period of 6 months to 3 years.

The cost of the service for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is from 3 500 UAH.
Additionally paid:

  • insurance for 1-3 years (depending on the reasons);
  • government payment;
  • translation and legalization of foreign documents.

Standard terms: 10-15 work days.
There is an accelerated procedure.

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