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Work permit

Work permit, employment in Ukraine.

Have you come to work in Ukraine or want to open your own business? Interested in a work visa to Ukraine? Then this information is for you!

Work permit: to whom they issue and what penalty?

The work of a foreign citizen without appropriate permission bears responsibility – a fine of 20 minimum wages. This document is issued to the employer for a specific position for a specific foreign citizen.

For each employee you need to pay tax, depending on salary.

Remuneration of foreign employees.

The legislator has established a boundary norm for most hired foreign employees. So, if an employee is not an IT specialist, not an employee of the creative profession, and is not the founder of his own business, then the minimum wage should be at least 10 minimum wages (for employees of civil society, educational institutions and educational institutions – 5 minimum wages).

Exclusions on remuneration of foreign employees:

  • Availability of immigration permit / permanent residence permit;
  • Refugee status or asylum granted (temporary protection);
    Employees of the foreign fleet, the media, emergency services;
  • Work in a representative office of a foreign company;
  • Athletes, artists, art workers, university professors;
  • Priests who work in religious organizations;
  • Foreigners who came to implement international technical assistance projects;
  • Highly qualified specialists and workers, the need for which is very tangible for the national economy.

Changes to a work permit.

At the end of September 2017, the legislation had a number of changes in the registration of a work permit, which greatly simplified the whole procedure.

But still, an ordinary person to understand a large number of regulations is quite difficult.

For the use of labor by a foreign citizen, without issuing a work permit, a penalty of twenty times the minimum wage is provided in Ukraine

It is also important to monitor the timely payment of state fees, the provision of an employment contract with the employee and not miss the deadlines for submitting an extension of the document. All this can serve as a cancellation of a work permit, a loss of time and money.

If you have no reason to apply for a permanent residence permit or citizenship of Ukraine, and the need to stay in Ukraine for a long period is an urgent problem, then a work permit is just your option.

Employment = temporary residence permit?

It should be noted that if you are the founder of your own business or IT specialist, you can get a document that allows you to stay in Ukraine for up to three years, with the right to extend for the same period. Official employment gives the right to apply for a temporary residence permit.

Where to apply for a work permit?

For connoisseurs of his time, we advise you to turn to professionals who will help you collect the necessary set of documents and submit to the appropriate Employment Center. This way you can avoid various problems that will negatively serve when considering your statement and will lead to failure.

In order to receive a free consultation on how to obtain a work permit for a foreigner, how to apply for Ukrainian citizenship, what must be provided to the State migration service bodies in order to apply for a document such as a temporary residence permit, what requirements for extending your stay in Ukraine, as well as other issues that relate to migration legislation in Ukraine, will be answered by our migration lawyer, for this you need to contact us by phone:

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