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Extension of stay in Ukraine

Citizens of other countries can call in Ukraine if they have a visa or entry regime 90/180. This gives the right to legally stay temporarily in the country according to passport documents. But if you need to stay in Ukraine longer and for some reason you were not able to apply for a temporary residence permit or are waiting for your immigration permit, citizenship, then in this case the legislator has provided for a procedure such as extending your stay in Ukraine.

Below, we will consider three options when you can submit the necessary documents.

First: you entered on a transit visa and are forced to stay in the country due to emergency circumstances, then you will be allowed to stay in Ukraine the amount of time that is needed to eliminate such circumstances and only if there are supporting documents.

Second: you arrived on a long-term visa (this is a type visa D) to apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit, but for some reason beyond your control, you still could not submit documents to the migration service. In this case, you can extend the period of stay of foreigners in Ukraine, sufficient for the preparation of these documents – no more than a month.


Third: you entered on a short-term visa or a citizen of a visa-free country – is the most common case that clients of our company apply to. There is a list of grounds defined by law:

Visa-free entry to Ukraine for countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan

  1. Treatment (caring for a sick family member). To do this, you need to provide a medical certificate, which will indicate the need for inpatient treatment for a certain period. All  certificate are checked, so we do not advise you to buy fakes on the Internet. This threatens with a fine and a ban on entry into Ukraine for a period of three years;
  2. Pregnancy and childbirth. Accordingly, a certificate from a medical institution is also needed..
  3. Registration of inheritance. In this case, the confirmation will be the existence of a statement of acceptance of the inheritance;
  4. Applying for immigration or citizenship of Ukraine. Here, the migration service itself gives confirmation, after submitting documents for the relevant services, you will receive an application certified by the employee to submit a package of documents for consideration.

We have listed the most common cases for applying for this service, but there are others. Moreover, the list specified in the legislation is not exhaustive.

The process of processing the extension of the stay takes 3-5 business days and for this period the passport document will be taken from you, since they put a mark on the renewal in the passport document indicating the date up to which you are allowed to stay in Ukraine. After registration, you should not go to other countries, as the renewal stamp will be canceled and you will not be allowed back.

Would like to draw attention to some more nuances. When submitting documents you will be required to provide:


  • proof of residence on the territory of Ukraine (for this you need to find housing whose owner agrees to write a statement that he is not against your residence there. He will also be asked to provide his passport and documents of ownership);
  • the presence of a host party (individual or legal entity that will bear all the costs associated with your stay in the country).

In case of violation of the established procedure for staying on the territory of Ukraine, the foreigner and the receiving party will incur appropriate administrative penalties, which are expressed in penalties. This is described in detail in the Code of Ukraine on administrative offenses (Articles 203, 204, 205, 206)

Also, one of the important conditions is the filing no earlier than ten and no later than three business days before the end of the stay (visa).

Despite this, collecting documents and submitting them to the migration service in order to extend the time spent in Ukraine is easy, but do not forget that minor errors and incorrect timing can lead to a refusal.

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