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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Immigration. Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine.

Immigration is a very serious and difficult step, which requires a large organization and clearly thought out steps at all stages of paperwork. Most of them will be difficult to pass without a migration lawyer who will assess the situation and correctly draw up documents.


Obtaining a document for moving to a permanent place of residence in Ukraine (permanent residence permit) consists of two stages: applying for an immigration permit (valid for 1 year) and on the basis of it receiving an ID card of a permanent residence permit – is two integral document.

A permanent residence permit in Ukraine is subject to exchange every 10 years and upon reaching 25/45 years of age. Otherwise, the document will be considered invalid..

There are certain grounds in the legislation, having which a foreigner can apply for a permanent form (permanent residence and immigration permits), under the quota for foreign citizens or outside the quota.

Common grounds for a foreigner to apply for permanent residence:

  • amily ties with citizens of Ukraine;
  • family ties with immigrants with a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more than 3 years;
  • foreign citizens who, by law, can obtain citizenship of Ukraine (territorial origin).

The immigration quota is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine every year.

Do you plan to stay for a long period, work or move permanently to Ukraine? – Registration of permanent residence is the best solution for you.

This document will make it possible to stay in the country without visas and time limits. Automatically, your rights are almost on par with indigenous citizens.

In addition, with permanent residence, you will be able to work in any company in the country and in any position without obtaining a work permit, which saves a lot of money on paying government payments and taxes. With all this, you do not lose the citizenship of your country.

Submission of immigration documents.

When submitting a package of documents for registration of immigration to the State Migration Service, one must not forget about the length of stay. Since if they are violated, the documents will not be accepted from you and you will need to leave.

Documents are submitted personally by the applicant, as this process includes the procedure for submitting biometric data!

Terms of consideration of application for immigration permit.

The term for considering an application for an immigration permit, in practice, is one year or more. All this time you are not required to be in Ukraine, but if there is such a need, you will either need to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, or go through the procedure for extending your stay every 3-6 months. If the client so desires, our lawyers can significantly speed up this process.

Registration permanent residence.

After receiving the immigration document, you can proceed to the second stage – the issuance of a permanent residence permit. This procedure already takes much less time – 15 working days. And … there are also nuances here. Citizens of visa countries, who at the time of signing the immigration permit were outside Ukraine, are required to obtain a visa D.

Turning to the migration lawyers, it is important not to get into amateurs and scammers. Any mistake in the documents and ignorance of the nuances of the entire procedure can lead to failure, in which case you lose 3 years on the way to the long-awaited documents!

Also, fake documents drawn up with errors or violation of the law may be the reason for canceling a permanent residence permit!

In order to avoid various problems that will negatively serve when considering your application and lead to a refusal to issue an immigration permit, we advise you to use the services of specialists.

If you have been refused permission to immigrate, then you can re-submit documents only after a year

To get a free consultation regarding what documents are needed to apply for a permanent residence permit, an immigration permit, work permit, what are the requirements for extending your stay in Ukraine, how to draw up citizenship of Ukraine, as well as consultations of a migration lawyer on other issues, which relate to the migration legislation of Ukraine, you need to contact us by phone:

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Permanent residence permit in Ukraine, issued for a period of: 10 years.

The cost of services for obtaining a permit for immigration and permanent residence permit in Ukraine is 15 000 UAH.

Standard terms for obtaining an immigration permit: up to 1 year (depending on the applicant’s grounds).
Duration of obtaining a permanent residence permit: 10-15 w.d.
Expedited deadlines: by agreement.

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