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Citizenship of Ukraine

ESTUM company will provide you with a quick and hassle-free registration of citizenship of Ukraine in the shortest possible time! An experienced migration lawyer of our company will relieve you of all the stress associated with the preparation, execution, submission and receipt of documents.

Obtaining citizenship of Ukraine and understanding the process of its registration is very difficult. Few migration lawyers know the subtleties and nuances of this service.

The Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship” provides several grounds for its execution:

  • by birth;
  • by territorial origin;
  • by citizenship;
  • by restoring citizenship;
  • Through adoption;


The decision on citizenship is made by the President of Ukraine. Also under the President there is a commission on citizenship issues – a subsidiary body.

  • by establishing guardianship or trusteeship over the child, identifying the child in a child care or health care institution, in a family-type orphanage and foster family, or transferring foster care to the family;
  • by establishing custody of a person recognized by the court as incompetent;
  • in connection with the stay in the citizenship of Ukraine of one or both parents of the child;
  • by recognizing paternity or motherhood, or by establishing paternity or motherhood;
  • on other grounds provided for by international treaties of Ukraine.

A prerequisite for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine, is the renunciation of citizenship in which you are at the time of registration.

Faced with government bodies once, you will definitely lose the desire to return there. Paperwork on their own is quite a laborious and exhausting process even for citizens of Ukraine, not to mention foreigners. You will have to forget about all your affairs for some period of time, stand long lines, spend a lot of time, effort and nerves. And unfortunately, the whole journey you have made is far from a guarantee that the desired result will be achieved.

Our company employs experienced first-class specialists with the help of which you can citizenship of Ukraine at the most affordable price.

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