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Licenses and permissions

Licenses and permits in Ukraine – are one of the pillars of a successful business for many entrepreneurs and companies. In our country, more than 30 types of activities are established, the license for which, according to the legislation of Ukraine, is required to have any official entrepreneur or company.

Obtaining a license is not as easy as it might seem: licensing requires time, desire and the required package of documents. Only after passing several circles of the necessary authorities, clarifications and a long time, you get the desired license, permit or certificate.

Licensed activities include any activity in which there is the slightest risk of causing physical, moral or material harm to the country and its citizens. Fortunately, we are ready to take on all the difficult issues and take you on a short road to the finish line – obtaining a license (certificate, permit). The «ESTUM» company will provide you assistance in consultation and registration of such licenses and permissions as:

  • license for the supply, production, transportation of thermal energy;
  • building license: SS2 | SS3;
  • license for the retail sale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages;
  • transportation licenses;
  • license for security activities;
  • license of a customs broker (license for mediation in employment for work abroad);
  • permission of the customs broker (permit for customs brokerage).

Depending on the type of activity that you want to engage in, in addition to the license, you will need a certain set of permits.

Among these documents often must be permits from various authorities: sanitary and epidemiological certificate, medical certificates, fire safety reports, etc.

Obtaining the necessary documentation – is a long bureaucratic red tape with many pitfalls, which sometimes will force you to go all the way to obtain permission again.

When you contact the company «ESTUM» – you get a guarantee that you will receive all the necessary permits in the shortest possible time and with the least possible participation, which will keep your peace of mind.

A separate pillar, among the foundations of successful business in Ukraine, is certification.

Certification – is a process that is performed by an independent person or organization, as a result of which the business owner receives a document – certificate

After passing the certification procedure, the owner of the enterprise can receive a UkrSEPRO certificate, which confirms the conformity of the product, regarding its safety, to the mandatory standards established by the legislation of Ukraine, and is also included in the register of certified products.

And to reduce the import duty or even its complete abolition, the business owner can get a certificate of origin of goods ST-1.

Obtaining the necessary certificates is associated with some tension, the elimination of which requires experience and a qualified specialist. Our company provides certification services. Turning to us, you will get rid of the need to search for a third party to obtain a certificate of UkrSEPRO and the origin of the goods ST-1. We cooperate with the best organizations that are engaged in certification of enterprises.

Using licenses and certificates can significantly increase the profit of your business.

The resources spent on them should be perceived as a long-term investment in a very profitable company, which within a very short time will allow you to be far ahead of the competition!

To receive free advice on licensing and obtaining permits and certificates, advice on migration services (temporary and permanent residence permits; work permits; extension of stay in Ukraine; citizenship of Ukraine), services in the field of corporate law (registration of LLC, FLP), for legal services, as well as advice on other issues, you need to contact us at +380 95 431 15 17 or at

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