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Lawyer services of the «ESTUM» company – did not disappoint any client. We individually approach everyone who comes to us, fulfilling the promised services quickly and efficiently. Our employees are well aware of how important it is to fulfill our obligations in a concise manner.

«ESTUM» employs only qualified, certified specialists with extensive experience. Lawyer services from the company «ESTUM» – it’s prestige and a certified high-class specialist who has extensive knowledge of the law and knows when and how to use them. Here you will be helped with any legal issue.

Ukraine – is a legal state. Confirmation and the main sign of this is the guarantee of judicial protection of the interests of each citizen. Judicial practice in our country is one of the important pillars of a full-fledged state and the tranquility of its inhabitants. Advocate and lawyers of our company are aware of any news of law, they perfectly operate them to protect clients in court or advice on doing business, which will help your company increase profit.

A lawyer is a person with a diploma of completed legal education. He acquires the right to call himself advocate only if he has a master’s degree and after 2 years of practice of providing legal services, it’s not unimportant to pass advocate’s exam, after which can get the appropriate a certificate.

When contacting any company, you must understand the services of which specialist are necessary in your situation, advocate or a lawye?

In general, they have few differences in rights, duties and skills, but advocate has a number of exceptional advantages and is required to have a certain set of knowledge that is optional for a lawyer. Turning to a lawyer in the company «ESTUM», you will receive excellent service, reasonable prices, a friendly professional and his intelligible explanations.

Are you not a citizen of Ukraine? We do not see any problems in this! The migration lawyer of our company has all the necessary knowledge in order to greatly facilitate your stay in our country. The best lawyers in Kiev will help you collect a complete package of documents and solve difficulties in any legal field!

In Kiev you can find many different law firms and organizations, but, unlike us, they cannot guarantee you the proper quality of services.

In our company you will find only the best lawyers in Kiev who are ready to provide a list of a variety of services according to their profile: legal advice, migration issues, legal documentation and its preparation, assistance in court and in civil, family, administrative, tax, labor disputes.

We are ready to satisfy any of your requests regarding assistance of a lawyer or legal documentation

The legal services of our company include a wide variety of points and specialists, which saves you from having to look for help in other places. At “ESTUM” company you can always get high-quality and quick assistance of a lawyer in court.

In case of accidental legal incidents, it doesn’t matter if you are a victim or someone has suffered from you, you do not need to study huge volumes of Ukrainian laws. You just need to make an appointment with a lawyer, explain to him all the nuances of the situation, and his task is to provide you first aid (telephone consultation) in the current situation, and tell you how to get out of it with minimal damage and maximum profit.

Also, our professionals will always help you collect documents in court and will accompany you throughout the execution of the court decision. Employees of the company «ESTUM» – masters of their craft, who are always ready to stand guard over your interests!

To receive free advice on lawyer services, on migration services (temporary or permanent residence permit; work permit; extension of stay in Ukraine; citizenship of Ukraine) of corporate law services (registration of LLC, FLP), licensing services, and consultation For other questions, you need to contact us at +380 95 431 15 17 or at

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