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Accounting services

Accounting services for business is one of the pillars of its prosperity. An accountant is a person who has a great responsibility for many aspects of any enterprise. That is why he, as a specialist, is required to have a deep knowledge of the law and extensive experience.

A popular solution to the problem involving an experienced employee in your company is outsourcing – the transfer of accounting functions to a freelance specialist. In fact, this way you save yourself from red tape with a variety of documentation and tax accounting.
The cost of accounting services is fully justified. An accountant in Kiev is not uncommon, but it only complicates the search for an experienced professional. Finding a specialist who is well versed in changing Ukrainian laws, works with all forms of taxation and knows their every subtlety, is not an easy task. To make the organization of accounting for the financial activities of an enterprise really high-quality, you should turn only to reliable specialists.
When ordering accounting support for your company, you get:

  • оorganization or restoration and further accounting of the enterprise;
  • assistance and control in the preparation of primary documentation;
  • development of accounting policies taking into account the scope of the client;
  • calculation and calculation of necessary fees and taxes;
  • assistance in optimizing the tax burden;
  • preparation of financial and tax reporting;
  • submission of reports to the tax fund;
  • submission of reports to the statistical fund;
  • submission of reports to extrabudgetary funds;
  • audit of all financial transactions and company documentation;
  • calculation and payroll, time tracking;
  • formation of payment calendars.

The ESTUM company provides legal and accounting services. By hiring a specialist in our company, you get a professional who will represent the interests of your company in any funds and instances, and you will also always be informed in time about amendments to the legislation that may affect your business.

Using the services of accountants of our company you get a number of advantages:

  • saving your finances, because an experienced accountant means the absence of penalties and inaccuracies in the documentation;
  • saving your time, because instead of you, professionals in this field will deal with the analysis of accounting and tax;
  • confidence in financial transactions;
  • complete confidentiality;
  • consultations of experienced specialists on any issues of accounting;
  • you will know about all the movements of your finances and workflow.

Ukrainian legislation allows enterprises to independently choose the form of accounting: creating an appropriate position in a company or working under a contract with an entrepreneur or a company providing relevant services.
Accountants of our company keep records of many Kiev companies in various fields of activity, so their experience is only growing. This allows us to provide you with craftsmen in our field.
The final cost of accounting services are determined individually after evaluating the entire array of work, most often at the final stage of all processes.

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