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Legal support of business
Company registration and
entrepreneur in Ukraine
You can open LLC or FLP as
resident and non-resident of Ukraine
Choose a form of ownership for the business:
– LLC – limited liability company
(large business: founders can be both individuals and legal entities residents and non-residents of Ukraine)
– FLP – individual entrepreneur (entrepreneur, small business)

Price from 1 500 UAH (from 1 working day)
Temporary residence
permit in Ukraine
Temporary residence permit in Ukraine, can
be issued at period from 6 months to 3 years
Grounds for obtaining a residence permit:
– employment in Ukraine;
– marriage with a citizen of Ukraine or an immigrant;
– study at a university;
– registration of business in Ukraine;
– other grounds.

Price from 3 500 UAH (from 10-15 working day)
Permanent residence
permit in Ukraine
Grounds for obtaining a permanent residence
– permission to immigrate to Ukraine
Permanent residence in Ukraine with and without grounds. Common grounds:
– family ties with citizens of Ukraine;
– family ties with immigrants with permanent residence in Ukraine;
– foreign citizens who, by law, can obtain citizenship of Ukraine.

Price from 3 500 UAH (from 10-15 working day)
Work permit
Employment in Ukraine
Payment to a foreigner – from 10 min wages
Work in PO, CO, universities – from 5 min w.
Categories of foreign employees with wages below 5 min wages:
– founders of their own business;
– athletes, artists, art workers;
– employees of the media, foreign fleet;
– IT and highly qualified specialists;
– have a permanent residence.

Price from 3 500 UAH (from 7-10 working day)
Citizenship of Ukraine
on your grounds
Decision on the accept in the citizenship of Ukrainian made by the President of Ukraine
Grounds for citizenship of Ukraine:
– by territorial origin;
– by birth;
– by taking citizenship;
– by restoration of citizenship;
– by adoption;
– other grounds.

Price from 4 000 UAH (from 2 month)
Health insurance for
foreigners – online
Grounds: medical insurance
for a residence permit in Ukraine, for a visa
Advantages of ordering med insurance from us:
– we cooperate with trusted insurance companies in Ukraine;
– registration of medical insurance (medical policy) without the presence of the client;
– expedited registration online in 10 minutes;
– med insurance for a period of 1 month to 3 years

Price from 800 UAH (from 10 minutes)
Licenses and permissions.
Certification and conclusions
Mediation license in job
placement abroad
Types of employment of citizens abroad:
– employment of citizens of Ukraine directly to a foreign employer;
– employment through a foreign intermediary partner;
– employment on ships (vessels) of foreign

Price from 5 000 UAH (from 10 working day)
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Legal services from «ESTUM»

«ESTUM» Law Firm has found for you the best experts in various fields of law. Our lawyers are «put soul» into their work, so each client is very important to us. «ESTUM» is professionalism, the highest reputation and many years of experience.

The difficulties that arise in the process of paperwork can seem like a test! But with our help, the whole process will become very simple. The experience and friendliness of our lawyers helps to establish friendly contacts with government services throughout Ukraine. We will accompany you throughout the process and help you in case of additional problems, regardless of the stage at which our cooperation began.

ESTUM Law Company

Our services

юридические услуги Киев, услуги адвоката, юриста
Миграционные услуги, ВНЖ, ПМЖ

Migration services

Our company has enough experience in resolving any issues regarding migration.

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Адвокатские услуги, миграционный юрист, адвокат

Lawyer services

A wide range of legal services. Many years of practice.

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Корпоративное право, Сопровождение бизнеса, регистрация ООО, ФЛП

Corporate law

Support of any business project throughout the life cycle.

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Лицензии, разрешения, сертификация, заключение

Licenses and permissions

The implementation of certain types of entrepreneurial activity is impossible without obtaining special permission - license.

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Company benefits

  • Adequate prices

    Our prices are designed in such a way as to provide a 100% result at a low cost of time and money. We strive to provide a high level of quality at reasonable prices.

  • High quality standards

    We guarantee to achieve a positive result in the tasks or return the payment.

  • Great experience

    Our lawyers have vast experience working with clients of various levels and are able to solve tasks, even the most complex ones, positively and as quickly as possible.

  • The whole range of services in one place

    We provide a full range of services both for individuals and for small, medium and large businesses. Ready to perform from the simplest to the most complex tasks.

юридическое и бухгалтерское сопровождение юизнеса Киев, Украина, адвокат, юрист, миграция



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